100 Miles Over 100 Days

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The Rules:

100 miles carried out over 100 days by walking/running 1 mile every day.

No counting steps around the office or adding up all the walking you’ve done through the day. This is done in one go either outside (preferably in nature), or on a treadmill at a push.

We want to build a powerful, unbreakable habit of incorporating exercise into our every day life and doing it for charity is the push most of us need.

It’s a very sad fact, but it’s hard to go through life today without cancer having an impact on you in some way, whether that is personally having to fight it yourself, or helping a family member, loved one, friend or colleague through their fight.

Therefore it is only right that we support Macmillan, who help individuals and families that are suffering with cancer but also support Cancer Research that are helping find cures and new measures for fighting this awful diagnosis and giving us all a light at the end of the tunnel.

So why 100 miles? The goal had to be BIG. Almost so big that it seems impossible and unachievable to most people when they hear the number . . . because this is sometimes how beating cancer can feel to families and the medical doctors and professionals that keep showing up each and every day hoping to one day beat it/find a cure!

So how do we achieve such a huge goal then of walking/running 100 miles? The same way we consistently smash ANY goal we set in life . . . we break it down into small, manageable steps . . . 100 small, bite size chunks spread out over 100 days so that now ANYONE can achieve this huge and courageous goal!

Whether you are a 10 year old child, a 70 year old pensioner, overweight, underweight, a marathon runner or coach potato we can all help fight cancer together! So share this page, join the challenge and lets all get fit and fight cancer together!

There is also a very small hidden agenda to this challenge (call it the sprinkling of sugar on top if you will) . . . the obesity rates in this country and across the western world are getting higher and higher every year. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes all have strong links to diet and exercise. People are exercising less and eating more with every year the passes. Now as someone who likes to study the human psyche and mindset I know that it takes roughly 28 days for a new habit to form . . . so after 100 days this habit should be well and truly cemented into each of our lives . . . so by taking part in this challenge you are not only helping to raise money to fight cancer and care for people with cancer, you are also lowering your own risk of developing cancer, heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes!! What could be better than that? AMAZING!

Rather than thinking at 9am or at 6pm I’m going to go out for a walk, this can be made even more powerful by incorporating it into your life in some way whether that is to walk or run to work, walk to the next bus/tube stop that is 1 mile away or get off at the stop before yours and walk the last mile. If you are fit you don’t need to keep the bar down at 1 mile, why not raise it to 2 or 3 miles? I have set it at 1 so that anybody can do it, but you can do as many as you want :).

Right so here are the rules!! We have to hit 100 miles in 100 days through consistently turning up each and every day! You can’t do it quicker than 100 days because we want to form this beautiful habit of walking/running for (at least) 1 mile every day! So no running 5 miles then having 4 days off! I realise life does get in the way however so if you miss a day or two due to other commitments you can catch up by running the miles off on the first available day.

You can happily run more than the 1 mile per day but these don’t count towards the 100 miles (unless you are catching up for missed miles). Try to choose a time you can stick to each day. you can walk or run the mile but you can’t just count steps you do around the office as your mile either . . . . that’s cheating!! This is designed to get us out (preferably into nature) for 1 mile carried out in 1 go to get the blood moving around our body, raise our heart rate, give us a rush of endorphins to make us feel more positive and uplifted. Join the Facebook group, share your journey and your miles, it doesn’t matter where you start, it’s about the journey of getting fitter.

Why not get a Podcast or audio book on so that you can also learn while you exercise? What do you want to learn about? 100 episodes on a subject is a lot of learning. Some I like are:

Living Life Being Human


And Always Free


Can I count on you then? LETS GO!!


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